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Erol Josue has today announced his debut on Village Hut Records for the release of his new album 'Peleri-naj' on November 18. Recorded between Haiti, New York, Miami, and Paris his first new material after a 14-year absence since 'Regleman', he reconnects with his audience with songs that tell of ancient wisdom and clandestine rendezvous. "Pelerinaj" is an invitation to a musical and intellectual journey, all at once sacred, intimate, and festive.

Let’s take a journey… into the sounds and colours of voodoo, that magical, oh-so-musical religion of the Caribbean nation of Haiti. Let’s dive into this land of craggy mountains and wild rivers, sacred sites and seismic fault lines, culture and chaos and a proud history of resistance.

Let’s look for meaning and transformation in a land where voodoo - also spelled voudou or voudoun - is part of daily life. Where the rhythms brought by slaves imported from West Africa soundtrack ceremonies, and a dazzling tenor voice invites healing and promotes tolerance while invoking the spirits known as lwa.

The voice of Erol Josué: singer, dancer, voodoo priest and one of Haiti’s most vital and beloved artists.

“If humankind could live by the principles of voodoo, of community and tolerance and sharing, we could go so far,” he says.

Pèlerinaj, Josué’s long-waited sophomore album, sets us on the way.

Meaning ‘pilgrimage’ in Haitian Creole, Pèlerinaj is an 18-track foray into voodoo, that centuries-old African diasporic religion done no favours by ignorance or Hollywood sensationalism. It is the magnum opus of an artist whose signature sound blends the sacred chants and traditional rhythms – dogo, noki, fla voudoun – with elements of funk, jazz, rock and club-friendly electronic music.

Produced for the most part by NYC-based creative entrepreneur Charles Czarnacki, Pélerinaj is, if you like, a concept album. For here, on record, is Josué’s journey out of Haiti, aged 19, through the two decades he spent living between Paris, New York and Miami before returning home, first as a pilgrim. Then as a proud repatriate.

“I am where I belong,” he says with a smile. “I went on a journey.

“Now I am home.”

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